Leyla Caybasi secures top position in Cambridge AS level mathematics competition

Leyla Caybasi, a student at Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC), has secured the top position for Nigeria in the Cambridge AS Level Mathematics competition. Caybasi excelled by scoring 112 out of 125 on two AS Level Mathematics papers, One and Three.

Reflecting on her achievement, Caybasi credited the sleepover study camps at NTIC for providing a focused learning environment and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

She emphasized the importance of consistently solving past paper questions, highlighting the dedication and resourcefulness required to print and work through them regularly. Feyzullah Bilgin, the Managing Director of NTIC, congratulated Caybasi, stating, “Congratulations to Leyla Caybasi from Nigerian Tulip International Colleges for achieving the top spot in Nigeria for Cambridge AS Level Mathematics.

This outstanding Cambridge Learner Award is a testament to her future success.” Bilgin also noted that the school’s innovative programs have received widespread recognition, contributing to the students’ success. He mentioned that Caybasi was among the most successful students in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination.

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