Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program

We are excited to announce that application has now been open for the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) for the 2025–2026 Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program, starting in late August 2025.
This opportunity offers innovative training, networking, and support for emerging leaders committed to improving brain health and reducing the global impact of dementia. We are seeking exceptional candidates from diverse fields—such as clinical practice, social sciences, the arts, public health, research, policy, technology, and education—who demonstrate strong leadership potential, dedication to brain health and healthcare policy, and the capacity to implement transformative solutions in their communities.The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program is a unique opportunity for values-driven, passionate leaders to enhance their impact and contribute to global brain health and dementia prevention.

Building a Global Community to Protect Brain Health

GBHI integrates science, art, and creativity to enhance our understanding of brain health and dementia, driving transformative changes in practice, perception, and policy.

Since 2016, the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program has cultivated a global network of emerging interprofessional leaders dedicated to brain health and dementia prevention. This 12-month residential program takes place at our founding sites: the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and Trinity College Dublin (Trinity).

7 Reasons to Become an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health

  1. Undertake a 12-month, full-time, paid residential fellowship based at GBHI at Trinity (Ireland) or UCSF (USA).
  2. Study a core curriculum covering neurology, health economics, epidemiology, law and ethics, leadership, public policy, creativity, and statistics.
  3. Access a network of world-class researchers, clinicians, and policymakers for career-long collaborations.
  4. Receive one-to-one mentoring on projects aimed at advancing brain health.
  5. Observe and participate in clinical cases to gain practical insights.
  6. Apply for competitively awarded funds for pilot projects.
  7. Connect across a global community of Atlantic Fellows programs to promote fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies.
  8. Embrace a common program structure enriched by the unique aspects and expertise of our two sites.
  9. Cultivate leadership abilities through tailored development programs and hands-on skills training.
  10. Attain academic distinction with the prestigious Certificate in Equity in Brain Health awarded by UCSF or Trinity.

French Fellowships

Additionally, French citizens can apply for the French Fondation Alzheimer Atlantic Fellow Partnership Training Opportunity. This fellowship aims to empower medical researchers and clinicians focused on Alzheimer’s disease and global change.

US Postdoctoral Scholars

Furthermore, US citizens or permanent residents with advanced degrees in any discipline can apply for postdoctoral scholar opportunities. These scholars, focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, will engage with UCSF MAC and GBHI in a 2-3-year postdoctoral program in Brain Health Equity. Apply now.

Leadership Training at GBHI

Discover how GBHI approaches leadership training through the experiences of Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health. Watch the video to learn more.

Apply now and join a community dedicated to advancing brain health and creating a healthier future for all.

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