Agriculture-Economics scholarship in Canada for international students

With the high demand in agricultural products across the world and increasing population globally, agriculture has become an important sector that needs all the necessary attention, Scholarships in agricultural economics are instrumental in fostering innovation, increase in productivity and excellence in the agricultural sector.

By alleviating financial burdens, these scholarships enable deserving students to focus on their studies, research, and professional development, thereby contributing to the advancement of agricultural knowledge and practices in various countries.

Available Scholarships in Canada

You can explore official scholarship opportunities in agricultural economics in Canada through various platforms, including government websites, university portals, and scholarship databases. Here are some official sources where you can find information on agricultural economics scholarships:

Government of Canada

Visit the official website of the Government of Canada’s scholarship programs, such as the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program and the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program. These programs may offer funding opportunities for students pursuing studies in agricultural economics and related fields. You can find more information on their website:

University Websites

Many universities in Canada offer scholarships specifically for students enrolled in agricultural economics programs. Visit the websites of universities known for their agricultural programs, such as the University of Guelph and the University of Saskatchewan. Explore their scholarship pages to find relevant funding opportunities. Here are the official websites of these universities:

University of Guelph:

University of Saskatchewan:

Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation (CABEF)

CABEF offers scholarships to Canadian students pursuing post-secondary education in agriculture, agribusiness, and related fields. You can visit their official website to learn more about their scholarship programs and application procedures:

Syngenta Canada

Syngenta Canada sponsors scholarships for students enrolled in agricultural economics programs at select Canadian universities. Visit the Syngenta Canada website to find information on their scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria:

By exploring these official sources, you can access comprehensive information on agricultural economics scholarships in Canada and identify opportunities that align with your academic and career goals.

Government Scholarships

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program

This program provides loans to Canadian agricultural cooperatives, ensuring access to affordable financing for agricultural projects and initiatives.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program

Administered by Global Affairs Canada, this scholarship supports exceptional students from Commonwealth countries, including Canada, pursuing advanced studies in various fields, including agricultural economics.

University Scholarships

University of Guelph Agricultural Economics Scholarships

The University of Guelph offers several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in agricultural economics programs. These scholarships recognize academic excellence, leadership qualities, and commitment to the agricultural sector.

University of Saskatchewan Agricultural Economics Scholarships

Students at the University of Saskatchewan can benefit from scholarships specifically tailored to those studying agricultural economics or related disciplines. These scholarships may include the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship and the Husky Energy Agricultural Economics Scholarship.

Private Scholarships

Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation (CABEF) Scholarships

CABEF offers scholarships to Canadian students pursuing post-secondary education in agriculture, agribusiness, or related fields. These scholarships support academic achievement, leadership potential, and involvement in agricultural activities.

Syngenta Canada Scholarship in Agricultural Economics

Syngenta Canada sponsors scholarships for students enrolled in agricultural economics programs at select Canadian universities. Recipients demonstrate academic excellence, a passion for agriculture, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the industry.

Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship but may include academic merit, financial need, leadership qualities, and involvement in extracurricular activities related to agriculture.

Application Process

Applicants typically need to submit an application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement outlining their academic and career goals in agricultural economics.


Agricultural economics scholarships in Canada play a crucial role in supporting the next generation of agricultural leaders and innovators. By providing financial assistance to talented individuals, these scholarships enable students to pursue their academic and professional aspirations, driving positive change in the agricultural sector. As Canada continues to prioritize sustainable agriculture and rural development, investing in agricultural economics education remains paramount.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are agricultural economics scholarships only available for Canadian citizens?

While some scholarships may prioritize Canadian citizens or permanent residents, there are also opportunities open to international students studying in Canada.

2. Can I apply for multiple agricultural economics scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, many scholarships allow students to apply for multiple awards, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

3. Are agricultural economics scholarships renewable?

Some scholarships may be renewable for multiple years, contingent upon the recipient’s academic performance and continued eligibility.

4. How competitive are agricultural economics scholarships in Canada?

The competitiveness of scholarships varies depending on factors such as the scholarship’s funding availability, the number of applicants, and the criteria for selection.

5. Can agricultural economics scholarships be used for studying abroad?

Some scholarships may support international study opportunities, while others may be restricted to institutions within Canada

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